Experiments in Printmaking on Ceramics

In this workshop, artist Sara Pane will share her techniques and approach to creating work using her specialist skills in ceramics and printmaking.

Participants will learn printmaking techniques using stencils with terra sigillata and engobes. Sara will share her creative approach for making work, one which employs questioning, testing and experimenting to respond to a theme or idea. Her artist talk will explore how she creates a series of works in her printmaking and ceramics practice. The workshop will conclude with a sharing session where participants, guided by Sara, will critique their preliminary works.

Participants will need to bring 1 or 2 small/medium pots, in a leather hard state, made with low fire clay that is suitable for burnishing (eg a white raku clay). Sara recommends one pot in white clay and another in a darker clay to allow for more experimentation with different slip decorations. An email with further details of what else to bring (brushes, scissors etc) will be sent to everyone who enrols.

Morning tea will be provided.

About Sara Pane

Sara Pane has an Advanced Diploma in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (1st class Honours) in
Printmaking. Her arts practice had been focussed on printmaking until a move back to Brisbane and the
onset of the COVID pandemic saw a return to ceramics.

Pane has an interest in low-fired techniques, such as pit-firing and raku. Thematically, her work explores
her ongoing fascination with the dark histories and mysteries of the Tasmanian landscape where she lives.

In 2023, Pane’s work Lost Tigers (pictured) was selected as a finalist in the Siliceous Award for Ceramic Excellence.

To see more of Sara’s work visit sarapane.com and Instagram @studio_gloam


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