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Ceramic Arts Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in Brisbane in 1968. We foster an inclusive and unified ceramic art community in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our mission is to elevate, celebrate and stimulate the ceramic arts in all sectors of society.

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A CAQ Workshop in action; some of our members glazing pieces for our 2020 Raku play day.

Workshops, Exhibitions & Opportunities

We provide a regularly updated calendar of workshops, exhibitions, residencies, grant opportunities and other ceramic events. These listings are mainly located in Queensland and northern NSW, but will include national and international ceramic events of interest.

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A Selection from our Member’s Gallery

Queensland has a long history of producing world-class potters and ceramic artists. That tradition lives on today with many of Australia’s most innovative clay-workers living and working in the Sunshine state.

There are strong centers of excellence in the border districts, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the central Brisbane areas and in the regional areas of the vast state of Queensland.

Many of the members of Ceramic Arts Queensland mount critically aclaimed exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally every year. We have gathered together the portfolios of many of these fine artists for you to browse their work.

Most of these artists have their own websites or galleries where their work can be purchased either online or in person at their studios or galleries.

About CAQ
About CAQ

Still curious to know more about the origins of Ceramic Arts Queensland? Click here to read about our history and mission statement.

Pictured piece: Ann O’Connor, CAQ Member’s Show 2020


Click here to access an online community of potters that generously share, refine, and troubleshoot glaze recipes for all firing conditions.

Pictured piece: Robert Cullen, CAQ Member’s Show 2020

Shrinkage Calculator
Shrinkage Calculator

Click here to access our shrinkage calculator to help you determine the correct measurements of your clay so that your finished pieces are the right size.

Pictured piece: Bill Powell, CAQ Member’s Show 2020