Ceramic Arts Queensland Raku Days For Schools And Clubs

Raku is a method of firing pottery that is quick, inexpensive and spectacular! Originating in 16th Century Japan and now practised all over the world this fun way of low-firing pottery is now available in kit form from Ceramic Arts Qld.

Raku: a learning experience with spectacular results

Ceramic Arts Queensland’s Raku days are very popular

Students and/or teachers can experience the entire process of making, decorating, glazing & firing their handmade pottery. Not only is this a creative pursuit, but it also touches on the sciences and social sciences in many varied forms from geology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, archaeology, to name but a few.

Experienced potters from Ceramic Arts Queensland will tutor and supervise as required through the various stages of making and firing, incorporating cross-curricular components as desired.   CAQ can collaborate with educators or course organisers to meet curriculum outcomes.

The making and decorating stages are usually spread over 2-3 weeks culminating in the firing event. If schools and clubs can do the making and bisque firing independently, then CAQ will handle the firing.

Small transportable gas kilns are easy to fire to a temperature of 1000⁰C taking approximately 30 minutes at which time the ware is lifted from the hot kiln glistening and glowing. It is then immersed in a smoke bin for a few minutes before emerging with stunning colours and never-to-be-repeated iridescent highlights.

For a little more effort and a better understanding of the firing process, a brick kiln can be stacked and fired with wood on site. Quick to fire and even more spectacular than gas this version gives students a visual lesson in the practical aspects of firing and how heat increases with gentle stoking.

The chemical and physical changes that happen to clay as it’s heated to become ceramic are fascinating and can take the learning experience into other realms of science.

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The cost can be tailored to suit your needs. The Basic Programme: $1,000 plus GST.

“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer

Inside the Raku kiln just before pieces are removed and placed into sawdust bins and then into a waterbath. Image courtesy of Emma Lee.