Sue Fraser

A life time of associations with horses and equine activities has provided me with an innate knowledge of the physical attributes of the horse. My love of all things equine gives me an insight into the horses’ expressive nature. Its’ strength, and the sense of freedom and power women experience in their presence makes the horse an evocative subject for my artistic expression. My equine sculptures are based on real or imagined stories of relationships between horses and humans.

Through the language of symbols, colour, surface treatment and shape I develop individual pieces that celebrate the impact the horse has, or has had, in society. My work is all hand built. I use various clay bodies, local found clay as bodies and slips, embossed symbolic narratives and the alchemy of firing techniques to develop individual pieces. I am particularly interested in the women of the Tang dynasty who were referred to as Thin Horses, educated in the arts, writing, painting, music, repartee, deportment to enhance their value in political and cultural exchange. They exercised considerable freedoms but were pawns for territorial alliances and consolidation. These ideas and the impact of the horse throughout history have an ongoing influence on my work.

“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer

Sue Fraser


Artist Information

State: Queensland
Mobile: 0438307378
Instagram: @suelfraser