Sean Gordon
I’m a self-taught maker creating handbuilt bird-themed ceramics. My journey as an artist has been influenced by my mother, who is a talented maker herself.

Embracing my identity as a queer and autistic individual, I find inspiration in the world of birds, especially parrots. Their captivating beauty and unique personalities spark my colourful creativity. My studio is simply my trusty dining room table, but it’s here that I feel most at home and working with clay and the entire creative process fills me with pure joy. In every piece I make, I aim to capture the essence of these charming creatures while infusing my own artistic flair. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with others, and I hope my ceramics bring a little touch of nature’s wonder and spark joy in people’s lives!
Artist Information
Name: Sean Gordon (Green Bird Ceramics)
Location: Meanjin (Brisbane)
Instagram/Facebook: @greenbirdceramics