Nicci Parry-Jones

As in Uffish Thought He Stood

As in Uffish Thought He Stood, Nicci Parry-Jones. Winner of the Nonsense Verse category, Sydney Teapot Show.

Nicci Parry-Jones


Nicci’s professional practice spans almost 30 years exhibiting in many solo and group exhibitions in NSW and Queensland. Nicci has travelled extensively and undertaken art residencies in Mexico, USA, Spain and Malaysia.

Nicci makes an ever-evolving range of original handmade domestic ware, one-of-a-kind pieces and commissioned work under the brand PJ Pottery. She has become well-known for her unique Steampunk inspired teapots which provide her with a continuous creative challenge and stretch her skills to the limit.

In 2022 she won the Gleebook Award in the iconic Sydney Teapot Show with a tea-drinking Steampunk Jabberwocky teapot.

Nicci says of her practice:
I love to throw on the wheel; it is that quiet timeless space that coalesces decades of practice and spontaneous creativity into one action. Then comes the science and an age-old process: firing the clay; mixing ingredients like an apothecary; dipping, lapping and overlapping glazes and loading the kiln, hoping the kiln gods smile on you. I feel privileged to be able to work in the field of ceramics, creating forms that offer a haptic intimate experience that only handmade crafts can give.

mobile: 0427 747 982