Emma Bidstrup

In its raw form clay seems a simple thing, clumps of earth pulled from the earth. But in a firing process, it is fundamentally changed and takes on a new, permanent form. I particularly enjoy creating clay vessels that represent aspects of natural landscapes, a link to their raw origins – whether in shape, texture, colour, or in relationship to other organic materials. Like these natural landscapes, I hope each work has beauty but also function and purpose. 

At the moment, I am exploring and enjoying altered forms. Pieces are thrown in a “perfect” shape, and while the clay is wet it goes through a process of transformation in the same day. The clay is pushed and pulled, gently and with care, but without structure or clear rules about where it must go. What is left are crevices and protrusions, creating contrast, and catching light or creating dark. 

You can find my works at the Red Hill Gallery where I am currently represented, or at the Institute of Modern Art Gallery Shop in Brisbane.

Instagram: @emmabidstrupceramics