Reduced Lustre Masterclass with Ellen Terrell POSTPONED



Explore the rare beauty of reduced lustre decoration with Ellen Terrell in this two-day hands-on intensive masterclass. Reduced lustre, also referred to as Arabian or smoked lustre ware, is an endangered craft with only a few skilled practitioners in the country. It has a long history which can be traced to the 9th century in the Middle East.

The topics covered include:

  • The best clay and glaze types to use
  • How to prepare and apply the lustre pigments
  • Loading the kiln for lustre firing
  • The firing cycles
  • Test tiles for success.


Participants are to bring work suitable work for lustre decoration (more details to come) and brushes, sponges, slip trailers, etc for applying the lustre.

Tickets will be released soon when the final details are set. The proposed dates will be 2 & 3 March, 2024 at the Brisbane Institute of Art (Windsor). The class size will be limited to 6 participants.


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