Paper Clay Masterclass with Graham Hay

A fun, information packed, hands-on paper clay workshop, suitable for beginner through to the most experienced clay worker. A revolution is underway, in some states paper clay (any potters clay to which paper has been added) now is up to a third of all clay used in studios and classrooms.

Learn some of the more radical advantages of paper clay, such as dry to dry, soft to dry, dry to soft joining, speed and turbo casting, addition of other organics and metals without cracking. 

Incorporated into the studio or classroom workflow, paper clay offers significant time and resource savings.

The Paper Clay Revolution

Graham will cover topics and techniques that include both radical variations of traditional ceramic practices, as well as new techniques adapted from other arts craft and arts.

These include:

  • Joining wet-to-dry and dry-to-dry (dipstick), “pour-joins”, combinations (“dip-joins”), unfired to fired, lattice vertical and upside down building.
  • Casting: Wet, dry and combination casting, overcasting and speed casting.
  • Radical techniques that include paper clay combined with wool, foam, food, and metal without cracking or rusting, New shortcuts, textures, clay bodies, and greater creative expression are possible.
  • Speed drying and firing with paper clay.
  • Sculpturing and texture shortcuts, such as dry-balls, tethering and armature-less.
  • Alternative methods and hacks on the wheel.
  • Discuss implications for studio production, classroom organization. working methods, common fallacies about paper clay and the emerging paper clay aesthetics.
  • “Short and sharp” slideshows of images selected from over 150 paper clay artists from around the world to quickly and clearly answer attendee questions, stimulate discussion and illustrate techniques not covered due to time constraints.


About Graham Hay

Graham is an innovator, teacher, and maker in paper clay.

He has a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts: Ceramics) from Edith Cowan University and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) (Honours) from Curtin University.  Graham has worked with paper clay for over 30 years and specialises in creating ambitious works that push the medium to its limits.

Graham’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, received numerous prestigious awards, and featured in books and magazines. In 2017, his work Critical Mass was exhibited at the Venice Biennale.

Throughout his career, Graham has taught workshops and masterclasses locally and internationally, including New Zealand, UK, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Italy, Canada, and USA.

Read Wired into Paper Clay to understand more about Graham’s philosophy and the unique qualities of paper clay.

The full details of Graham’s CV and writing are available HERE


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