Hand Building with Paul Sternberg

Paul Sternberg will share with participants his approach to hand building sculptural forms with clay, one which challenges the boundaries in technique and expression. The workshop will include a lecture, video presentation, and practical demonstrations of hand building techniques and air brush application of colours. The topics covered include:

  • Moving beyond symmetry and perfection;
  • Tools for forming structure and sculpture;
  • Techniques for larger sculptural structures: coil, ribbon, slab, and applique;
  • Using structure, form, colour, and texture to create energy and contrasts that engage on multiple viewings from all sides;
  • Airbrushing equipment and techniques; and
  • Stains and underglazes.

Afternoon tea provided.

$100 for members; $145 for non-members.

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About Paul Sternberg

My work is about many things. It is about exploring the ties between life and earth. After all, clay evolves through the fluidity and erosion of our planet. A long trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon once taught me the true meaning of immortal reverence. We are part of the biota responding to geologic time. Is clay the master of us who dare to control it, as some would say; or can it be nature’s gift for expressing our visceral selves? To me, clay is about the gut, about the senses. Viewing forms that are possibly new to one’s experience, feeling textures that seem foreign to the fingers’ expectations about pottery. Whatever symbolism is apparent in my titles is a window for your perception.

Paul is based in Toowoomba. He is represented by Makers Gallery Australia.



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