Wendy Hodgson

I merged my love of large hand-building with my love of dogs by creating my own dogs in clay, then friends’ dogs and that was the start of MudPups. Every dog has a story and creating that story is my particular pleasure. As a detail-driven sculptor, I study photography, research anatomy, colouring and mannerisms and then meld this information with the owners stories to capture the personality of a much-loved pet. Each sculpture is unique and is hand-shaped, stained and fired at my home studio in Gympie, Queensland.

“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer

Artist Information

Name: Wendy Hodgson
City: Gympie
State: Queensland
Post Code: 4570
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MudPups
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mudpups
Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/mousseux/
Ceramic Practice: Sculptural
Clays Used: Porcelain
Firing Techniques: Electric Kiln
Galleries and Sales Agents: Pomona Old Railway Gallery, Gympie Regional Art Gallery