Lisa Catherine Ehrich

I find working in clay is a wonderful way of balancing my other life in academia. I am fascinated by faces and most of my work consists of pots, bowls, and other small vessels with all sorts of different faces.

I became interested in ceramics through my sister, Kris-Ann Ehrich, who is an established and experienced sculptor in Brisbane.

A visit to her home about four years ago found me playing in clay. The experience was not only cathartic but also relaxing and I have been playing in clay ever since.

Even though I have created hundreds of hand-built pieces, I’m always excited to see my work after it’s been transformed by glaze firing.

At the moment I am trying to develop my skills by creating faces of old men and women. Although it’s a challenge, my aim is to sculpt faces that are both expressive and emotive.

“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer


Artist Information

Name: Lisa Catherine Ehrich
State: Queensland
Telephone: 0478 689 365