Josie Lander

Being sensitive to simple beauty, I make sculptural pieces and vessels designed to give pause, and draw attention to what might otherwise be overlooked in nature.

I also love bringing people together around food, so I make platters, cups and bowls that I would want on my table – generous, understated and beautifully functional.

I am drawn to clay because of the way it feels in my hands, how responsive it is. Working in clay I can be the artist or the artisan; creating, crafting, or being somewhere in-between.

How I make my pieces

At the moment I am focusing on hand-building. I have been in no hurry to buy a wheel for my studio practice, as I love the gentle pace of working with coils and pinch pots. For my larger pieces I work with slabs, as this method suits spare, organic forms.

I use two main materials to decorate my work. The first is off-the-shelf earthenware underglazes that are then mixed with other colours or stains; with a clear satin glaze on top. Mostly though I use satin or matt glazes that I’ve adapted from others’ recipes.

I tend to mid-fire my work so I can have a range of subtle effects in glazes but keep the environmental impact lower than stoneware firings. Figuring out how to create a subtle colour palette suited to my organic forms is endlessly interesting to me.


“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer

“Gum Nut”