Emma MacGregor

I am a second generation potter from Northern NSW and was privileged to grow up surrounded by art. From this background I have been exposed to many techniques and styles of ceramic work including Japanese, Korean, Arabic and American pottery traditions with the overlay of the NSW North Coast Woodfirer’s movement of the 1980’s.

Over the years through study and studio practice I have developed my own style with a distinctly personal flavor, which features my observed environment in carved and textured surfaces on organic forms.

At the core of my process is the simple fact I love earth. Working with clay is a meditative experience that promotes a deep sense of peace and connection.

My work is an expression of this experience. I have been a Board director of CAQ – Ceramic Arts Qld (formerly Fusions) since 2008 and am a strong advocate for Arts in the community. I currently act in role of President. I happily accept commission work for specific projects, and collaborate with clients to achieve desired outcomes.

I work in large scale installations for outdoor applications, sculptural work and decorated wares for aesthetic and domestic applications.

“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer

Emma MacGregor


Artist Information

Name: Emma MacGregor
City: Brisbane
State: Queensland
Telephone: +61402242785