Caroline Holliday


I love the earthy gritty look of stoneware clay as well as the purity of porcelain, so much of my work features these two clays.  By selectively using them I can create surfaces that are at times rough and at times smooth – surfaces that reflect the reality of life – beauty and harshness, light and dark, joy and sorrow.

Many of my creations wear haloes.  I am not surprised that the halo has subconsciously emerged in my art as a central motif as I grew up in a Christian household where the walls in many rooms were lovingly adorned by my mother’s beautiful images of biblical characters. The halo is a powerful symbol that transcends culture, faith and time. I use it in my art to symbolise purity and a good heart.

I have been involved in making art for over twenty years and have focused primarily on ceramics in the last eight years.   My skills in this area have been learnt from the expert teachers at the Brisbane Institute of Art.

Caroline Holliday

“A Sentence of Teapots” 2014 Photo: Richard Stringer

Caroline Holliday


Artist Information

Name: Caroline Holliday
Address: Brisbane
City: Brisbane
State: Queensland